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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yay I have completed Block 1

I am so very proud to have finished block 1 and very excited about getting started on Blocks 2 and 3 this week! The pic above, was just before heading in to my room to get started on the last few butterflies and the satin stitched heart in the corner. It will amuse some of you to know that (this new boy I adore) pointed out (much to my absolute dismay!) how my points don't meet LOL - how long does he expect me to like him for?!!! Obviously not very long.

But he was happy (I think) with my explanation of how when there is backing on and it's quilted and not held up against the light, you won't be able to see the shadows of the seams behind the blocks and also that the unsewn edges will decrease the size of the blocks in the shoofly block and therefore they will actually be the same size as the others...

If I receive any more well meaning constructive criticism, he may get stabbed in the eye with my piecemaker needles!


  1. Congratulations ! Looks great ... watch those Peicemaker needles ... they can cause damamge :-))
    Happy stitching, P

  2. Waohhh ! Congratulations ! It's wonderful !

  3. Congratulations. Your block looks great. I'm still stitching but then i only made myself start it a week ago. :) lol. Happy stitching,

  4. Good on you Q! What a discerning fellow you have chosen!! Just don't show him quilts in the sunlight!!