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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Slow Progress

Hi Everyone
I am sorry to say that in this lovely weather I am out in the garden a lot so my stitching is not keeping up.
I am really enjoying seeing what everyone else is up to and I tell myself I will catch up when the weather is not so good.  I have started so many things but you know how it is Hexies - My Town BOM in Homespun Magazine  as well as two quilts for little girls...........
I never learn please tell me I am not alone in taking on too many things but who can resist????


  1. Are you kidding????? I can't even count my UFOs and PIGs. I want to do everything!!!

  2. Great I am so glad I am not the only one.....

  3. I am hearing you Pam,1 day it will be finished,lol we all get there eventually lol.
    I have too many things on the go and so many more waiting to start,lol.

  4. You are certainly NOT alone, Pam! I'm almost done with Block 1 of Vignette, and only ironed on half of my applique for My Town the other day! We'll get there. *grin*

  5. Oh no !!! You're not alone !!! I have the same "illness" than you : an acute startism... there's no remedy !!!

  6. I am new here and looking around.. I am very guilty of taking on to many things...I must like the pressure...

    I do have a question thou.. how do you transfer your design to your fabric? I sturggle doing it free hand...

    I am following you now so I can see your fun work often... :D

  7. Hi DeeDee
    Great to hear from you. It might sound strange but I mark with a really fine pigma pen - you have to take care not to make mistakes but it is such a lovely fine line that even 1 strand of embroidery thread covers the line.
    Happy stitching. Pam

  8. Even when I've a load of things all on the go at once, my mind is still planning what else there is to have a go at!!

  9. This problem we all have seems to be very widespread across the world.......