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Saturday, May 28, 2011

More questions...

Hi ladies!
I started reading the instructions for cutting the fabrics
for block 1 and the table on pg.31 
says that for red strip first cut 2" strip, then cut etc...
 however in the cutting chart on pg.35
one of them reads 2½".  
I'm thinking I should follow the table on pg.31...
My fabrics will be here anytime :-).
So exciting!!!

PS:  Is there a private yahoo/etc. chat room for discussing
information/questions/details of Vignette magazine?
Or asking questions here is fine? 


  1. I had the same problem and emailed Leanne Beasley. There is a typo error and the strip should be cut at 2 1/2". Hope this helps.

  2. I reckon it's good to ask here. That way we all learn. Don't know if there is a Yahoo Group. Don't think so. Funny, I didn't notice that mistake. I made my own by not reading the instructions correctly! *grin*

  3. Thanks ladies for your help!!! You save: my fabric, my time, my $, my sanity... LOL ;-).
    Are you aware of any other typos/erratas on this 1st block?

  4. No, no more errors. The block comes together beautifully in the end. Good luck.

  5. Karin... thanks! Does the same thing happens with the blocks on
    Issue 2?

  6. No I don't think so as it was just an oversight in Issue one. I haven't cut all my fabric for blocks 2 and 3 as I'm still waiting for some of my fabrics to arrive.
    Will let you know if I find any more typo's, but I'm pretty sure Leanne will make sure there are no more.

  7. Sorry everyone, the correct size is 2" strips. Brain wasn't functioning very well that day.
    Apologies if anyone has followed my initial advice.