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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've made some progress too!

Hi Perri and everyone!

I was able to get some more done yesterday. Look I can do chain stitch now! I'm going to work on it again this arvo. It's just too hot to do anything else! Still need to get my shoo-fly blocks finished. It will be cooler, and bearable, the next few I'll get out to the sewing room then. Have a great evening, Everyone!

At last i have had time to make a start

Finally i have started to trace the embroidery outlines so hopefully i will make a start stitching tonight with my lovely cosmo threads,cant wait,if only we could stitch and sew all day every day and we had maids to do the housework,lol. Cheers Shez

Stitching Progress ...

... I am slowly making some progress on block 1 ...

... my stitching so far ...

 ...  I have just realised that I forgot to trace in a flower - notice the gap in the middle of the side border ...the stem is flower less !... must have missed it in my excitement when tracing  :-))

 ... at the moment with the very warm weather we are having, I am unable to stitch at night because of the insects that like to share my stitching light ... a joy of living where I live ... in the bush ... 

Can anyone else share their stitching progress ?

Happy stitching, P

Great Afternoon of Stitching!

I had a wonderful arvo of a few hours of stitching Block One. I even worked out the chain stitch! Still haven't made up my other Shoo-Fly blocks yet. Maybe I can get to them today!

Finding a new supplier

I am like Florence I sent for my fabric from Australia because it was impossible to get it here in England. I too had to pay import duty which made my fabric rather expensive ( but well worth it) I am wondering if there is something strange going on because I too have lost my subscription due to the supplier closing but luckily I have found a new supplier. What can happen next I wonder?????

I am still loving doing this Mystery so nothing will put me off!!
Enjoy your stitching

Monday, January 24, 2011

I am sooo excited

I have just recieved all my fabrics and threads and hanky linen so now i can start,yipee.
I decided to wash my fabrics and the hanky linen before i start so thankyou everyone who sent in advice about the fabric(whether to wash or not),i ironed them when they were 1/2 dry so there is no wrinkles to speak of.
Seeing everyone else's blocks have inspired me to start this project so i am looking forward to starting stitching,so the light box is coming out tonight.
cheers Sheryl

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Bit of Progress with FNSI

This was my post for the FNSI on my blog, so I just decided to add it here too. Am I the only one who has trouble with the chain stitch!!??  It took me a good hour to do one wing of that butterfly. Stitch 4 chains, undo 2...stitch 6 chains, undo 3...what am I doing wrong!!??

Well, my Friday night was my second FNSI with Handmade by Heidi.
I love setting aside the time to work on one of my projects. Allbeit, I don't think I got very much done! I seem to be so slow....I'll blame it on poor lighting. *grin*.
I worked on my the stitching for my Vignette Block One. I love the colours! Had to start on the butterflys because they were orange. They use chain stitch...tiny chain stitch. I like the look, but boy I'm hopeless with getting that needle to work!
So here's the little bit of my stitching. You can see it will be awhile before it's done!
See you next month for FNSI!
vignette block one

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Posted ...

... yes, 'Vignette' Magazines have been

... POSTED ...

photo from Leanne
Winners within Australia should receive their magazines by early next week. 

 Overseas winners should receive their magazines later next week, was quoted that 'some overseas magazines may take up to 15 days until received'.

from Leanne

Vignette magazines were finally, posted yesterday, Wednesday January 19 ... this is the first time I have been able to get to town since all the flooding ...  thank you all for being so understanding for the delay.

Happy stitching, P

Extra Note -
thank you everyone who has been commenting on  posts ... they are encouraging!
A couple of comments on posts have asked questions, but I have been unable to answer these questions as they have come come 'non-reply' comments, so if you have a question and would like help, include your email with your comment and I will reply to your question.

My setbacks...

At first I show you the most expensive fabrics of the world (at least!)
Ordered in Australia because impossible to find here in france, and that didn't go through customs : I had to pay 110 $ to get back my package!!!!
I don't dare to calculate of what every yard will have cost me...
De encours 2011
Fortunately , Fabrics are wonderful !

Then, the shop where I bought the first number of Vignette closes down ! my subscription is lost and I don't know if I am going to find a shop where I can begin in the number 2... It's the bad luck !!
So ... I hesitate to cut my fabrics to begin the first block !

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My project so far

Hello ladies, I thought I would share my progress so far of my Vignette project. The fabric I have used is Fig tree quilts, I have a few ranges so I have mixed them all into the quilt and they all go so well together. I like my thread colours to match my fabrics so my stitching is much softer. This is so much fun to work on, I can't wait for the next issue.


Can anyone please tell me do you wash your fat quarters and hanky linen before you start cutting and stitching or do you put all the quilt together first then wash it.
I cant wait to start just recieved my sweet broderie fat quarters today and should recieve basics fat quarters and hanky linen Friday and my cosmo cottons should also come friday soo yipee,so just wanted to check which was the right thing to do before i start. And a big thankyou to Perri for all her help for tracking down fabrics for me.
cheers Sheryl

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Fabric has arrived!

Hi Everyone!

I've been meaning to post to say that I've started on my stitching. Then yesterday the rest of my fabric arrived, yeah!!  I've set aside the ones I need to finish my shoo fly blocks. So I'm planning on getting them done this week. Life is getting very busy! No photos today, so a very boring post.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Vignette virus infection.

Hello everyone

What a great idea to share the joy with others who also love this project

I'm Gerda, one of the two Quiltwitches. When I heard of the first edition of the magazine I ordered an issue immediately. When I received it, I was infected, I looked into my stash and found the fabric I needed to get started. It's already addicting. My first block is finished. I can hardly wait to start with number two.

A nice idea for a Mug Rug?
Dutch stitch regards

Monday, January 17, 2011

Greetings from Tasmania

Hi Everyone
I was really happy to find this blog and thought I would join in on the fun.  I have just started the mystery quilt featured in the Vignette magazine and would love to share my progress or rather SLOW progress LOL.
A parcel came the other day with a bunch of really pretty fat quarters which would suit this particular project.

These are "Butternut" from Fig Tree Quilts 

Block one put together and stitching coming along little by little :).. I am happy with the colours and really look forward to the next block..

Happy Stitching :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vignette Winners ...

... this message is for those lucky stitchers that won a copy of 'Vignette' in the recent giveaway.

Due to the severe flooding that is happening in southeast Queensland, my part of Australia. I am having to delay posting your 'Vignette Magazines' as no mail is going anywhere at the moment in this part of Queensland.  I'm hoping by the middle of next week everything will return to normal and your 'Vignette Magazines' can make the journey to you.

I will add an edit note to this entry to confirm when the magazine's are posted.

Happy stitching, P

I would just like to add ... 
... we are very safe, 3 hours drive away from the start of the major floods.  However, we are cut off (can't go anywhere) due to our local river rising and is now over our bridge which is 10km's from our house, it will get higher but not bother us! 

Family and Friends in Toowoomba and Brisbane are also all safe.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Block One Progresses!

I'm so happy. I've got Block One sewn together, apart from the Shoo Fly blocks. I don't have all the fabric for them. I've started tracing tonight too. I'll finish that tomorrow.

Now someone please advise me: Since I don't have all the shoo fly blocks to sew on, would I iron on the pellon stuff as far as I can and start stitching, or should I wait?  Please don't tell me to wait!!

I'm so glad to have made this progress!!

I hope the rest of my Cosmo comes tomorrow!

Cosmo Threads

Goodness there is so much stitchery on this mystery I am going to have to order some more Cosmo thread!!!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

And the 'Vignette' giveaway winners are ....

... thank you to every one who entered this giveaway ... I am still amazed at the number of entries ... thank you.  

....drum roll please ...

Congratulations goes to
1. Margaret from Solstitches in Spain
2. Fiona from Peaceful Threads in Australia
3. Erica from Erica's Essential Suchness in the US
4. Nancy Sue in US (no blog)
5. Linda  entered under profile of Sunny Bec
6. Jytte R  in Denmark (no blog)
7. Leanne from Cottage Tails in New Zealand
8. Kerstin from Kerstins-bunte-welt  in Germany.
9. Paula Lemons via face book  (no blog) 
10. Helle  in Korea (no blog)

If these lucky stitchers could email me their postal address, I will post your magazine to you!

I also have to say a huge thank you to Leanne for providing the copies of 'Vignette' for the giveaway.

Sorry, it has taken me a little longer to get the results out than I thought it would  ...

Happy stitching, P

Block one!!!!

It is so exciting to share the first block of the Vignette BOM. I had already stitched the centre and one side before I joined this blog and have found that being a member of a group certainly helps with the motivation. I really enjoyed the embroidery though there is a lot of it. I am very glad that the magazine only comes out every 3 months as I can now concentrate on a few other projects. I am using an old Nancy Halverson range called Angels Among us for my piecing and some neutral fabrics in my stash for the backgrounds.

Happy stitching,
Sylvia in Australia

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Giveaway - is now closed ..

... I will be back very soon to announce the winners ...

 ... all the best of luck in the draw to the 82 stitchers who entered ...
'till then, happy stitching, P

My fabric came!

I've been so busy that I haven't made a point to get on here to say that my red with white dots came on Tuesday. I'm so glad Australia Post is back to normal! And I'm hoping that some more of my Cosmo will be coming next week, too. Now all I have to do is find the time to sew up block on and start stitching. I'm thinking it won't be until the weekend. *frown*. Happy Vignetting, Everyone!!

Block 1 started

I'm really excited to have started my Vignette in Stitches quilt!   As I had a "spare" box of lovely Nancy Halvorsen fabrics, I decided to use them and see how it turns out!

So I have now made four of the shoo fly blocks and have now decided on a fabric for my stitching!  Will try and put together the rest of the shoo fly blocks today and start on some stitching!   Great inspiration from all the girls who have blogged so far and some lovely looking blocks on the go!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello from France

Hi, I'm Florence , live in Annecy :
De Paysages
I subscribed to Vignette, and I hope to realize the mystery BOM...
Find fabrics in France is impossible !!! So I just order the complete kit to an australian shop "Under the Mulberry Tree" .
Now, I have to wait ...
I hope that the floods don't raise you too many problems...

I wish you a good year !

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year ...

... wishing everyone a wonderful year and  may 2011 bring you health, happiness and plently of stitching time ...

from Leanne

Here is a little sneak peak photo from Leanne , a snippet of what is  coming in Issue 2 of 'Vignette'.  Looks exciting !!

Thank  you Leanne for sharing this little bit of excitment!

I'm off to have a relaxing day, going to do a little more stitching on block 1.

Happy stitching, P

Vignette in Stitches Blog: Vignette Mystery

Vignette in Stitches Blog: Vignette Mystery

I am having a lovely time doing my Mystery and today I received the missing link the last colour of cosmo thread.
I have not followed instructions to the letter as I prefer to only put the fusible vilene behind the stitchery. The blocks around the edge I have made but I am going to put them on when the stitchery is finished.
I could not get the fabric in England so mine came from a shop called Under the Mulberry tree in Australia and they were very helpful.
Hope you are all enjoying this as much as me!!