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Monday, May 2, 2011


I'm going to 'out' myself so that others feel up to doing the same thing!!!!

I haven't even looked at starting block 2 and 3. I've thought about it. Fleetingly. Not gotten any further. The thought of it actually scares me beacuse it looks like a huge block. I have SO MANY block 1's of BOMs finished. SO MANY! I never seem to get past block one. I HAVE TO GET PAST BLOCK ONE!


who is with me?

let's set aside an hour in the next few days (choose your own.. we don't all have to do it at the same time!) to get block 2 and 3 under way. I'm actually going to do them as separate blocks because I think I'll work better with that idea.

Make sure you pop back here in the next few days with pictures of your progress.

Maree @ Farmyard Crafts


  1. Great Idea !!! I'll join you Maree!!!
    I have my block 2 & 3 together but haven't done any stitching.
    Happy stitching, P

  2. Was going to write that maybe Perri needs to borrow my whip and crack it........BUT then I just read what Perri wrote so and maybe I need to crack it on both of you..............LOL.........

    goodluck and I will hassle you until I see a start.....
    LOVE your GREAT FRIEND Chookyblue

  3. Perri and I are great procrastinators together! I think we can claim that farming life is busy hey?? Same excuse you'd be using too Chookyblue wouldn't it??!!

    Glad that we can still be friends even if I am a slacker! ;) Oh, another thing we have in common! LOL (Should I hide?)

  4. Im struggling on block one :( took me ages to get the magazines and then sort the fabric out and im not very good at the shoo fly blocks BUT i will get there soon honest :)

  5. I have Block 1 disorder too. I think it's got something to do with being easily distracted by the next 'pretty' that comes along. I blame the designers! ;)
    I'm going away for a week and I'm taking Block 2/3 border stitchery with me. I'm determined to break my bad habits and catch up before the next magazine arrives.
    Exactly who is going to crack the whip here... so I know who to be scared of! :))

  6. Hi Maree yes you should hide...........cheeky I realise I just WON'T get this size stitching project done so I don't even attempt it to start

    Oh and Josie i'll have to crack the whip since Perri is procrastinating like Maree......although Perri did show me some progress after my don't worry I'm not tooooooooo SCARY........

  7. oh and WIZONE was the word verification so that translates to WIZe ONE...........yep thats I be ducking now)

  8. I haven't started at all! I have changed my mind on my original fabric choice so I'm not sure what to do now.

  9. I haven't finished block 1 yet !!
    So I think you don't need to worry now !!!
    I am the one who must be scary !!!!

  10. I think I will be starting to play with block 2 and 3 this week, finishing block 1 really inspired me, I keep smiling at it all the time (it's smiling back you know!)

    I have never done a BOM before, so I am hoping that I won't be a start lots and not get any further person, and I am only going to do one at a time I think, but we will see 2 years is a long time to wait before commencing the next BOM :)

  11. I have to confess I am seriously thinking of finishing Block 1 into a cushion and not continuing with the whole quilt. There is SO much stitchery - much more than I expected - and it means I'll either not finish it(as usual) or never get anything else done. And of course the hexie quilt is now tempting me too. Then I'd also have a little more time to try out the smaller projects in Vignette.
    A cop-out I know - but I have to get a little realistic about the time it will take - I absolutely love the quilt, but maybe I could use the design elements from it in some smaller projects. No firm decision made yet though!! Watch this space.

  12. Come on Farm Girl,
    Don't let Chooky scare you with talk about whips and things!!!! She can't get you!! I'm still going to go through with the whole thing, and I'm still procrastinating about colors for Block 1!!! I seriously love hexies so much that is why I am so slack with this one....

  13. Oh dear - the pressure is on isn't it! No final decision made - I still love it .......... maybe I shouldn't rush into anything rash .... like using the Sweet Broderie in another project yet. LOL