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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Introductory Post

Hello everyone! I am new to this blog. I just was extremely lucky to find you all when I was doing a Google search for this cute quilt the other day, thank you for having me! I was waiting to get my fabric before I made my first post. I am not usually drawn to bright colors, but this one is totally calling to me. I usually am drawn to all things prim. I found an online store here in California that sells nothing but Japanese fabric and lo and behold they had the entire line of the Sweet Broderie fabric. If anyone would like to get their own, the store is called Super Buzzy, their service was great! Kinda sucked that I had to pay state tax since I live here, but I wanted this stuff really bad. Isn't it gorgeous? The picture does not do it justice. The fabrics on the left are some polka dots I picked up when I was out shopping the other day. I have also ordered some complimentary Kona solids from Fat Quarter Shop which I hope to get next week.

Here is my version of Block One. I happened to have some red polka dot fabric in a kit that I scavenged for this quilt. I find myself doing that a lot. I use the Transfer-Eze stuff for my stitchery, I am too lazy to trace most of the time. I've used it before and it works really well.

I keep bringing my block with me to work to stitch on during lunch time but something always seems to come up and I don't get to stitch. I'm looking forward to the weekend and hopefully a lot of stitching on this pretty quilt.



  1. Welcome, Beth! It is a fun Block to do. Mine is almost finished. I know you'll enjoy this quilt. *grin*

  2. Yes, Beth, welcome! Hope you have a great stitching weekend! :-)
    Happy stithcing, P

  3. That is just lovely Beth, you are really going to enjoy doing it with us..

  4. Nice to meet you Beth. I need to find some of that transfer Eze, especially for this project!!

  5. Hi Beth ! Welcome to the stitchery addict !!!
    What is the transfert you use ?? How does it work ???
    Have a great week end !

  6. Thanks for having me everyone. The stuff I use is called Transfer-Eze, you just stick a sheet in your printer and copy your pattern onto it and peel it off and put it on your fabric. After you have stitched, you wash it out and it looks beautiful. I love the stuff. I got a 30 sheet pack from the Bird Brain Designs (no affiliation) booth at Road to California, but I have also ordered it from their website. I am sure other online sources have it too.