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Monday, May 16, 2011

Centres Stitched with Cottage Garden Threads...

 Using Faux...
Using Wheat...I had earlier thought that I would leave these centres just marked with the brown pigma as I couldn't find a Thread that would blend in with these Blackbird Fabrics rather than stand out which is what I didn't want...
Recently I visited a local Patchwork shop & spotted some Cottage Garden glad I did I feel these centres are blending in much better than my original Idea...and I felt I was cheating also by not stitching the
With the next Issue of Vignette Leanne will show us how to put the blocks together to make the rows...I have been putting my flowers into blocks with centre as I go mainly as I am using fabric from 4-5 different ranges in the Blackbird Designs fabrics I wanted to make sure I didn't repeat myself....


  1. That looks really lovely Maree, I love the look of the Cottage Garden threads, very soft and pretty and go so well with your fabrics!!

  2. They look fantastic Maree great work

  3. They are lovely - everyone seems to be talking about hexagon quilts at the moment - my mother-in-law and Aunty-in-law are both starting theirs at the moment and I'm getting tempted... They plan to use stamps to mark the sewing line on the fabric and avoid using papers. Has anyone else tried this? How does it compare to traditional papers? Thanks J

  4. If you are considering a hex quilt, you should look at Inklingo, wonderfully exact printing on your fabric with your coumputer printer! Love it, no papers to cut or remove, simply stitch.
    No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.

  5. Very nice. I love Blackbird's fabrics....they are among my favorite designers, especially their sampler prints.