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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Working on Blocks 2 and 3

I have done a lot of the piecing on blocks two and three and have traced all the stitchery. I took notice of what others had said and decided to do my stitchery in one piece rather than two and it seems to be working quite well. I shall post a piccy in due course but there could be a bit of a delay there is rather a lot of stitchery to be done.............


  1. Speeding along there :) I have received everything now and am hoping to get a start sometime over the weekend, so I will be posting soon about how I am going.

  2. You are way ahead of me! You have the hard part done, now the fun begins, but you're right, there is lots of stitching I it will take me quite a while to do it too. Surgery has kept me from doing any sewing or stitching for the last few weeks, so all of my fabric is stacked on the cutting table waiting for my return. That is about another 6 weeks away. But I am certainly enjoying following along with everyone elses progress while I 'stare' at my waiting project. LOL

  3. Well done Pam! I haven't started mine yet!!