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Monday, March 7, 2011

A whole lot of stitchin goin on!

I was able to do quite a bit of stitching over the weekend. I'm in a hurry now. One - to get Block One done so I can start on Block Two, and Two - my tracing is fading!!! 


  1. Well you definitely don't want to retrace! What do you use for tracing anyway?

    My mum has ordered the Lecien Basics and Extra Yardage for me for my birthday, which I am expecting on Wednesday. She has yet to order the Sweet Broderie Fat Quarters and the thread pack, so I have still not started - maybe you can console yourself by thinking, at least I am not as far behind as Q :)

    I read about Frixion pens, but the idea that the ink re-appears if the fabric gets cold enough, kind of freaks me out. I have a pen that fades at the moment but, it fades very quickly (within the hour), so that would not do.

  2. That's great Sandy! Oh no about the fading tracing pen though! Get stiching!

  3. oh no! hate it when it fades.....but your work looks great!