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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blocks 2 and 3

Yesterday I did some work on blocks 2 and 3. I have done all of the piecing apart from the shoo fly blocks around the edge and have started embroidering the middle block alongside block 1 to keep me interested. The original design had the red dot border and the cream pieced as two 18.5 strips, but as the width of fabric is 44", I used one long strip. The other variation is the stripes that I've used which were meant to be 1" finished squares but as there are several large striped fabrics in the "It's a Hoot" collection, I thought it would work well and I'm happy with it. There are no flowers to fussy cut in my fabric so I fussy cut the brown and teal stripes for the 2" squares.

I am very concerned that I'm soon going to run out of some of the threads and especially the red. How many skeins of each colour do we need to complete the quilt as I'd like to buy it all at once to save on the cost of postage?


  1. Lovely colours and fabrics! That's a good idea doing the tracing and stitching in bits, I put it all together first and then found it quite hard to manage the tracing. Yes, I think I will need to buy more thread too!

  2. You're on fire, Sue! That's awesome!! I don't know how many skeins will be needed either. I just bought a pack of threads and doubled it... but I'll have to purchase more along the way I'm sure.

  3. I love It's a Hoot and I think it looks fabulous in your blocks, I know I said it before but I will keep saying it every time I see new stuff! :D

  4. I think we will possibly need a LOT of thread - goodness knows how many skeins.
    Love the colours.........