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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New Beginning...

Well...I have now received and purchased everything I need to make this beautiful quilt... "Vignette In Stitches".

I have my fabrics..

I have my threads and instructions....

I have cut all my pieces for the 'shoo fly' blocks...

I laid them out and stitched them together....

This is going to be fun....

Even my scraps look good!!

Till next time... or visit me on my blog
Sharni xx


  1. I'm jealous Sharni, I am still waiting on my last bits and pieces before I can start mine! Looks fabulous and i agree even the scraps look wonderful!

  2. Your shoo fly blocks look wonderful!

  3. Lovely Sharni - your blocks look great, and you take great photos too! Have fun with the stitchery now!

  4. Well done, Sharni... have fun stitching!

  5. Lovely Sharni there is no doubt you are going to really have fun doing this,