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Thursday, March 24, 2011

OK, Let's Do It!

Well, I have only just discovered Vignette (I'm a bit slow on the uptake it seems). I found it whilst a'surfin', I can't remember how. I sent off for the first two magazines immediately and was delighted with them. So, then I decided I would love to make the Mystery Quilt. (like I have time!).

I am from UK born and bred, but live a great deal of the time in Spain. Hence, I have had to send to Oz for my hanky linen. I am sure they probably sell it here in Spain somewhere, but I wouldn't know where to begin to look. I don't think I can buy the fabrics here and since the import duty would make the purchase from foreign parts very expensive, I have decided to use fabrics from my stash. No problem there then. My choice will be huge!

In the meantime, I have just blogged about it on my blog

I am unable to start the stitcheries (which I am itching to do) until the hanky linen arrives. So, I need to sort out my fabrics and start to sew my Shoo Fly blocks.

I will keep you posted. Looking forward to taking part!


  1. I have just had mine a couple weeks and haven't got to start yet. I will hop over to your blog for a visit.

  2. Welcome! I am still waiting for my fabric it was posted from the states to Aus on the 10th March so I am glowering at the postie everyday at the moment (well I am at work when the post comes, but I glower anyway!) - I have my hanky linen already, but not the threads.
    And there are a few stitchers using different fabric choices, and it all looks great so far!