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Friday, March 25, 2011

In the Beginning.....

In the beginning there was ............. fabric.

As I explained previously, I am unable to obtain the Lecien 'Sweet Broderie' and 'Basics' range for the Mystery Quilt easily and as I have been trying to use my stash, of which I have so-o-o-oooo much, see here and here I decided I would try to use something I already had. Of course, (despite having enough fabric to last me until I reach 100), you still never have exactly what you need. But, I soldiered on, because I was determined to make a start.

So, this is what I have come up with.

And these are the embroidery threads I have chosen to go with.

So, my question is.... Do you think these colours will work?

I hope so! I am just ironing these fabrics now and am about to start cutting Shoo Fly Blocks.


  1. OH I think those will be beautiful!

  2. I think these will look really great - can't wait to see them..........

  3. They look great :)
    I think mine are to bright, may have to re think them :(

  4. Fabulous colours....great choice...and willyou explain to my husband about never having just that right colour in the could sell fabric; but like you said...always need something you don't have.....but that is fun too...what lady doesn't like to

  5. Well, I am so glad you like them. It has encouraged me to proceed and cut Shoo Fly blocks. Will keep you posted.

  6. I haven't started yet, but I think they look just perfect!

  7. You need to open your stash as a store on it's own he he he... I love the colours too! I really like seeing the different personalities of the quilt in different colours, and I think your colour scheme will work really well!