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Thursday, April 28, 2011

So far behind

Thanks Perri for the warm welcome. I feel so far behind! I discovered the magazine at our local patchwork shop in Northumberland UK and couldn't wait to start. I've chosen the Lily and Will fabrics by Moda in blues, greens, pinks, creams and browns so the finished quilt (should it ever become that!) will look totally different to the photos in the magazine - I love seeing everyone else's fabrics and can't wait to see them all finished! My Mum has suggested that because the fabrics and design are all soooo lovely, I should wait to start it until I have finished some of my current projects.... :( - don't you just hate it when parents are right.... but I'm not sure my will power is sufficient so I may be joining you shortly!


  1. Hi Jennie! don't worry about being behind, there are lots of stitchers who have only just got fabrics and others like me, who have still not completed block 1. I think it should be fine to start whenever you feel comfortable, especially since we all have plenty of time to work on the blocks as each issue is released!
    Have fun!

  2. I still have not completed much Jennie, I am totally addicted to the hexies from Vignette issue 2!! Looking forward to seeing what you do..