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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finished Block 1 (NOT!)

Unlike Sue and all of you clever speedy stitchers working on block 2 and 3, I am yet to completed block 1.

I am close though, in relation to the stitchery I have a few butterflies left to chain stitch and 2 shoofly blocks (well technically 1 - as I am making the blocks for block 1 and 8 (? was it 8 or 16?) as per Leanne's instructions)

Again, I adore Rosalie Quinlan's Sweet Broderie fabrics and have purchased bits on sale from various places, so I can add to my stash and maybe get a few hexagons out of them too!

I am looking forward to finishing it and getting a start on Block 2 and 3 soon.
Hope all of your Vignette in Stitches and Vignette Hexagon Quilts and any other stitching or life projects are going well.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


  1. Looks really great - I think we should all stop putting ourselves under so much pressure to complete. A friend of mine once said its working on something that gives us so much pleasure not finishing it quickly.........

  2. All of you are doing a wonderful job. I am having difficulty finding all of the supplies in the US, but I have a Canadian source that is great.
    Maybe I am having difficulty making a decision - your colors are so nice and I am shopping in my stash.

  3. I won't tell you where I am up to Q!!!!!!(Not very far!!)Isn't that material beautiful..

  4. You have already done a wonderful job !! I love Rosalie Quinlan's fabrics too !! VERY much !!
    I totally agree with Pam...let's the stitching pleasure last (for ever???)
    Happy Easter !

  5. The fabrics are just beautiful.
    Happy Easter

  6. I love your 'in progress' photos. I still haven't started yet but am really enjoying watching everyone's progress.