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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Block one is done....

and I love it to bits.

I've started Blocks 2 & 3.  I've chosen to do the border in one long piece too.   I've rolled it up like a parchment at clipped it with a couple of border clips.  Works a treat.

The sneak peak of the next block is gorgeous... can't wait for the next issue of Vignette to see the whole block.

Hope you are all enjoying your stitching

Josie  X


  1. beautiful work Josie, and I am loving all your photos, so very happy you got your new camera! I am still a bit delayed (you know due to the boy) but will definitely finish up block 1 this weekend, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Well Done Your Block is Beautiful....

  3. I really love what you have done. Beautiful stitching. You inspire me to get going!!

  4. Well done Josie I seem to be a bit slow on blocks 2 & 3. The good news you would not have to beg I would share the bluebell giveaway with you THE BAD NEWS I NEVER WIN!!!!!!!