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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally a Beginning!

I received these from Patchwork with Gail B in Victoria, Australia
And this from the lovely Melissa and Leslie from Inbetween Stitches in CA

Made sure I read all the instructions first
And finally got started on block one, which I have now traced and am in the process of working on the stitching. I have not yet completed the shoofly blocks but will work on them next. More details will probably be posted on my blog a bit later today!

I am so very excited to finally have started!


  1. Looks gorgeous Q, I'll check out your blog!

  2. Yay Q! So exciting for you that you now have everything!! Can't wait to see your stitching! :) I really need to clear off my table and start block 2!

  3. I have just marked out my stitching too, but see that you are stitching before you have added the Shoo Fly blocks. Have I misread the instructions? Is the Parlan not meant to be ironed on to the completed block before you sew the stitcheries? I have been wondering for some time if everyone has been using the Parlan before stitching and also concerned about joining up all this batting at the end. Need to know ASAP anyone please. Eager to start stitching.

  4. I am using pellon not parlan and yes, it does say to stitch on the shoo fly blocks first, I am a bit scared about the shoofly corners being mismatched, so have postponed them slightly - due to my bad sewing. I cut the whole size 18 inch square for the stabiliser and only ironed on till the edge of the hanky and red border, so I will be able to still stitch on the shoofly blocks and then iron to the edge (hopefully that makes sense).

  5. I'm very excited too !! I've started to stitch... I LOVE that !

  6. I am using vilene on the back of my stitchery so I do not put it all over the block as I found that did not work very well. I do my stitchery in pieces and then put them together at the end.
    I sew pieces of calico round the stitchery while I am sewing so they go into the hoop without getting too squashed. Your block looks lovely.

  7. hi,
    Francesca from Milano, Italy here.
    i have decided to start this wonderful stitchery.
    i would like to know if this is a stitch along blog or if it is only for a restricted group.
    i love patch and stitchery.
    i have my own stitching along blog with my italian friends, we are sewing a Natalie Bird project, our first of many works :)
    i love so much to work together with a group.
    i leave u my mail:
    can you please let me know if i can play with you all?
    I know i am late, but i can work hard and catch you :)