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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sneak Peak ...

... did you notice this lovely sneak peak ... 

Copied from Leanne's blog
that Leanne had on her last blog  entry ?

It looks  so exciting, piecing, hand applique and fussy cutting  ... could this be part of block 2 ? 

I'm so looking forward to Issue 2.

How is everyone progressing with the stitching on block 1 ? 
I'm still stitching, almost finished all the greenery, then on to the flowers.

Happy stitching, P


  1. It looks beautiful!
    Do you think it would look okay with the "Make Life" fabric range?

  2. It's gorgeous isn't it?! I can't wait to start playing and for issue 2 to come out next week. I have found somewhere to get a kit from now that I am happy with, but they are still sourcing some fabric, so I am hoping to get to start by issue 2 :)

    - Jessica I think Make life would work well, it would not be as bright as the Sweet Broderie one, so you would probably have to select slightly different blenders and slightly different threds colours too... And maybe use an off white-ish colour for the stitcheries backgrounds? I can't tell how white the lighter bits are in the previews.

  3. erm... I meant issue 2 next month not next week. Getting a bit ahead of myself tee hee

  4. Goodness now we see that picture can we wait another few weeks for issue 2 - it looks so lovely.
    We are all getting very excited about this.
    I have nearly finished block 1
    Happy stitching everyone.

  5. I noticed that.. It looks so beautiful I can't wait..

  6. I did notice and i am still on the bird stitchery,enjoying it though.
    cheers Shez