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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shoo-Flys Finally Done!

Sunday was wonderful! I spent all afternoon and evening in the sewing room. I made me a iPhone pouch, and then finished my shoo-fly blocks and got them sewn on. Now I have a complete Block One apart from finishing the stitching.

Can you see the boo-boo I made. I really am dumb sometimes. I added 2+2 and got 5. That's right isn't it??? *frown*.  I just assumed that the center bird was on the white hanky linen, didn't I. I even thought Leanne left something off the cutting instructions. How stupid was that....sorry, Leanne!!! Then I had a closer look at your photos and the photos in the magazine.....oh!! the birdie is on pink with white dots fabric....fancy that!! Dah!  See, Josie, you're not the only one!!

I traced, for the second time, and attached, for the second time, a birdie on white linen. Don't ask! It's all ready to stitch, but I don't know if I can stand the fact that the birdie is on the wrong fabric. I'm not keen on the thought of unpicking it, again, and tracing it again....what does everyone think???

Actually, their not very good photos, are they? Sorry.


  1. Hi Sandy
    I like the look of the birdie on the white hankie linen (but then I have really enjoyed sewing on that - we don't get that in England)
    Look at it this way it will make your quilt different to all the others.
    Take care Pam.

  2. Oh Sandy.... you are a kindred spirit for sure! I was feeling like the dumbest brunette on the block till you fessed up your boo boo.
    Doesn't life get complicated when your brain goes AWOL.

  3. I had 'one of those days' today, too!! Must be something in the air!! ~karen

  4. Well from someone who spent last night unpicking 16 flying geese units that I chain stitched ALL WRONG and then spent the rest of the evening drawing diagonal stitching lines on squares - because hey, I can't get that wrong! I feel your pain. I think though in the scheme of things, your little boo boo, can be put down to a design decision, and I would think nothing of it :)

  5. Good on you for making progress. I still haven't got my fabrics. Sigh!
    This may sound like a silly question but why do your blocks go to the right and everyone else's goes to the left? Trick photography? Hope that's all it is.

  6. Sandy, your little birdie block on linen will give it an indivial look :-) Congrats on getting your block together:-)
    Happy stitching, P

  7. Why does it have to be on the pink dot? It's your quilt. Make it your own.

  8. I was always told a little boboo was a good thing! makes it all yours and 2.the challenge for everyone else is to study your work to try and find it!

  9. I'm sure the birdie will be very happy on white linen & it ties in with the other stitchery panels. Great piecing! xx

  10. I wouldn't be too worried about it... as long as it matches anything else that is beside it later... if there are more pink with white spot bits... I'd use hanky linen!! :) It'll be fine :)