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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I better get stitchin'......

I finally pulled out block one and finished off tracing it. Not really a job I love to do - but I guess stitching doesn't get done without it!! My aim is to have the birdie block finished today and then I can start on the outside border. I love chain stitch. It's not something I've ever done until I started Leanne's Down In The Garden BOM. I just love the effect it makes. Thanks Perri for your tip on how to finish chain stitch off so it's invisible.... I still haven't mastered it... but I'll have another read of your post now that I'm up to chain stitch!
How is everyone else going?? (For those of us that are a bit slow?!)


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment....

  2. I have done maybe 1/4 or 1/3 of the stitchery but need to look up how to chain stitch!! Then I need to make the pinwheel blocks and add them on!!

    When is the next issue out??

  3. I think the next issue is out in March, but I also think that it has more than 1 block in it? I can't remember now for sure... and something that looks super cute with little hexagons. I am not even on the list of stitchers yet, don't want to invite myself until I actually access a kit. I did contact a site in the states who are trying to get all the lecien basics, so I will get the kit from them and will only be starting then!! So I am way way behind.

    Not too mention that I have only ever pieced one bed size quilt and made other smaller projects!

    I'll probably be asking questions every 5 minutes!

  4. I don't think you're slow... I think you are whizzing along! If you want to see what real 'slow' is... watch me I'm too slow to catch cold!

  5. Hello ! I'm still slower than you... haven't started yet !! How have you transfert the designs ? do you use a washable blue pen ?
    I hope you answer me because I have some problems when I wash my stitcheries: fabrics shrink ... How are you doing ?
    Happy stitching !