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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vignette Winners ...

... this message is for those lucky stitchers that won a copy of 'Vignette' in the recent giveaway.

Due to the severe flooding that is happening in southeast Queensland, my part of Australia. I am having to delay posting your 'Vignette Magazines' as no mail is going anywhere at the moment in this part of Queensland.  I'm hoping by the middle of next week everything will return to normal and your 'Vignette Magazines' can make the journey to you.

I will add an edit note to this entry to confirm when the magazine's are posted.

Happy stitching, P

I would just like to add ... 
... we are very safe, 3 hours drive away from the start of the major floods.  However, we are cut off (can't go anywhere) due to our local river rising and is now over our bridge which is 10km's from our house, it will get higher but not bother us! 

Family and Friends in Toowoomba and Brisbane are also all safe.


  1. Hiya

    Please don't worry about that, you have far more things to worry about right now, I hope you are safe and haven't been personally affected by the terrible floods. Linda

  2. How are you going? Expecting flood waters your way shortly?? Listened to the radio and it doesn't sound good for out your/our way. Hope you're all alright.

  3. Even if I'm very far from this part of the world, I find it frightful and I'm glad to know you are safe!

  4. I am glad to hear you are all OK. It is daily front page news here in the UK and must be a terrifying time.

  5. I am new to stitchery and would love to do the mystery quilt. Can I ask what to use if hanky linen is not available and what you use instead of parlan?

  6. I am so happy to hear you are safe. You and all of Queensland are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs...