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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello from France

Hi, I'm Florence , live in Annecy :
De Paysages
I subscribed to Vignette, and I hope to realize the mystery BOM...
Find fabrics in France is impossible !!! So I just order the complete kit to an australian shop "Under the Mulberry Tree" .
Now, I have to wait ...
I hope that the floods don't raise you too many problems...

I wish you a good year !


  1. Bonjour Florence, I also live in France, I live in the Limousin area, but originally I am from the UK. Finding fabric here is a nightmare, I order most of my fabric online from America. Bonne Annee! Linda

  2. Hello ! I'm from France and my name is Florence too !!!! I live in Alsace, north east of France just near Germany and Switzerland. I also order my fabrics in Australia !

  3. Welcome Florence! I'm sure you will just love doing this block! I have just started and it is very addictive!

  4. Hi Florence
    I got my fabrics from under the mulberry tree and I live in England so I am sure you will have no trouble.
    I found them to be very helpful.
    Good luck & happy stitching.