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Thursday, January 27, 2011

At last i have had time to make a start

Finally i have started to trace the embroidery outlines so hopefully i will make a start stitching tonight with my lovely cosmo threads,cant wait,if only we could stitch and sew all day every day and we had maids to do the housework,lol. Cheers Shez


  1. Hi, Probably a silly question but do you do the stitching before you do the piecing?

  2. Look forward to seeing more on your progress, Shez !
    Happy stitching, P

  3. Hi Debbie i am doing the stitching before piecing i am not sure what other people have done,hmmm.
    cheers Shez

  4. Deb me again i have gone back and checked what other people have done and they have sewn it together before they have stitched,i wonder if it matters?

  5. Ooo that would be wonderful. Unlike me, a maid would actually keep up with it! :D Yay for the progress!