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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stitching Progress ...

... I am slowly making some progress on block 1 ...

... my stitching so far ...

 ...  I have just realised that I forgot to trace in a flower - notice the gap in the middle of the side border ...the stem is flower less !... must have missed it in my excitement when tracing  :-))

 ... at the moment with the very warm weather we are having, I am unable to stitch at night because of the insects that like to share my stitching light ... a joy of living where I live ... in the bush ... 

Can anyone else share their stitching progress ?

Happy stitching, P


  1. Yours is looking great! I have the book/mag but haven't done anything yet. I am enjoying following everyones progress though.

  2. It looks great Perri! Perhaps the headless flower is one that you picked and brought in! :D