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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Block One Progresses!

I'm so happy. I've got Block One sewn together, apart from the Shoo Fly blocks. I don't have all the fabric for them. I've started tracing tonight too. I'll finish that tomorrow.

Now someone please advise me: Since I don't have all the shoo fly blocks to sew on, would I iron on the pellon stuff as far as I can and start stitching, or should I wait?  Please don't tell me to wait!!

I'm so glad to have made this progress!!

I hope the rest of my Cosmo comes tomorrow!


  1. Hi Sandy,
    Great progress! With my blocks, I'm not putting the shoo-fly blocks on until last when all the stitched blocks are together - this way I'm not using all that extra pellon stuff. Also, by doing this I could start stitching sooner!
    Hope this helps!
    Happy stitching, P

    1. I need help all the way around. I am not understanding the directions very well, but from looking at everyone elses work it looks like the white part where the stitchery is is only 2 strips. I was trying to cut my stitchery fabric and do the embroidery before putting the block together. I am having difficulty, any tips or hints you can offer would be great.

  2. Hello Sandy
    I only put the pellon on the pieces to be stitched, I have done this is on all my stitchery quilts and the result is lovely, so go ahead and start stitching. I know you can't wait. I don't think you need pellon on the fabric blocks, Happy stitching.

  3. Sorry I can't help with that question. Just popped in to say really like the red spotty fabric.

  4. I am working on block one as well. Working it in different colors as that is what I had although I love the fabrics in the picture and will do those fabrics "someday." Hoping that there is a way to get the other issues via a subscription- if not the cost of this quilt will be a bit outrageous for me!

  5. I'm the opposite... I'm going to trace and put the parlan on... and then stitch!

  6. Hi Sandy i just put lightweight iron-on vilene (interfacing) and that works fantastic and i dont use pellon at all.
    By the way i love how it is looking and i am a polka dot lover.Do you know of any places that have the whole range of sweet broderie?
    cheers Sheryl