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Thursday, August 18, 2011


... Issue 4, will be here !...

... it looks so exciting ... just love the cover ...

... if you pop over to Leanne's blog you can read a little more ...

How is your stitching going ?

I'll be honest and say I'm so far behind with my mystery quilt stitching ... not enough hours in the day, or is it days in the week ?

Happy stitching, P


  1. Yeah, can't wait for this to get here!!! :)

  2. I am looking forward to its arrival at my local Patchwork Store ... roll on the 1st of the month :o)

  3. Perri.... I'm so slack. I've still not even started to cut out block 2. SO SLACK! Am looking forward to Issue 4 coming out though!

  4. Came over to thank you for stopping by and see this! Beautiful. Where can I get this magazine? I would love to do this. Bookstore?

  5. I've got block one done and working on two and three but its gotten just to hot to have a quilt block setting on top of me! The cover of this one looks so fun can't wait to see the inside!!!!

  6. I am looking forward like the rest of you and I am glad not to be the only person who is a long long way behind.........,

  7. How do I get your magazine? I live in Ontario, Canada.

  8. Where can I buy the magazine ...haven,t found a shop that has it ...near Forster NSW ...or can I subscribe

  9. Lorraine, contact me and I can help you with your search.
    Happy stitching, Perri