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Monday, August 1, 2011

Nearly There Block 2 and 3

I have completed the shoo-fly blocks I was flying away from (and the additional 8 that I think will be used in other blocks later on,but not sure which ones –I probably missed it in the mag,somewhere)
Blocks 1, 2 and 3 lined up on the couch

Block 2 - I haven't done the little hearts yet, but they are cut out and waiting.

Block 3

Mine is being done in Sweet Broderie and so far the only differences between the pattern and mine (should be) that I chose different pairs of the fabrics to use in the Shoo Fly Blocks, the same fabrics, but different pairs.
More photos than talking today, I'm sooo tired even though it's not even 8pm here!
Will comment on all the new posts tomorrow, well done to everyone, keep it up!

I'm so tired I accidentally posted this to the Heaxagon Quilt Blog :(


  1. WOW! Congratulations, Q! Lovely... lots of stitching ... I still have lots of stitching to do on mine ...
    Happy stitching, P

  2. Great progress! Gosh, you got all those shoo fly blocks done already.

    It is a very happy block, with very pretty colours.

  3. You are really on a roll now girl! Your blocks are looking beautiful. Heck... and you're ahead of the game with Shoo Fly blocks... there's no stopping you now!

  4. It looks fantastic!! Well done! I still haven't started and am still deciding whether to piece first then stitch, or stitch first? Just not sure.....Happy Stitching, Susie