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Sunday, August 14, 2011

New stitcher

I am so excited to finally have found the fabrics and first three issues of Vignette so that I can begin this beautiful quilt. It is really hard to find things up in the mountains of NE Washington state, USA. I must do most all shopping on the internet. I realize that I am months behind but hope that enthusiasm and the approaching fall days will help me stitch happily along.


  1. I wouldn't worry about being months behind. This one is also on my to do list with almost all the fabrics sourced!!!! Looking forward to seeing your progress

  2. I too have only started this quilt and am loving doing the stitchery in the evenings. I like seeing how everyone ahead is progressing.

  3. I have everything ready to roll, but need to get some other projects completed before I begin this one.
    I am currently doing Down in the Garden by Leanne so I will have a matching pair once I complete this quilt..

    Not long to go before I can begin I hope...

  4. So glad you now have everything - you are not far behind. There are many of us following this blog that haven't yet started - including me!! Look forward to seeing your progress, Happy Stitching, Susie