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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vignette Issue 5

Please don't think I am about to start the blocks in issue 5 but as soon as it arrived today I had to read it all.......
I am wondering if anyone else is thinking it might be easier to do these two blocks with two more that I expect will be coming later. I am doing my long pieces in one go thus avoiding the seams and am wondering if this middle piece could be done in one go??????
I am not getting on very fast as I am so weak and start on lots of other projects!!!!!


  1. Glad to hear you are doing the sides in one long strip and avoiding extra seams. That seems like a good idea to me too. Not so certain about the center as it does not appear to have sections that lap over into the upcoming bottom areas. I know when I have done applique in the past, it was easier when it was handled on a smaller piece of cloth.

  2. I guess it is a personal choice. I have started the blocks in issue 5 and I personally could not imagine trying to do the applique on a bigger piece of fabric.

  3. I'm doing as you are with the long borders. I like the idea of avoiding the extra seams. As far as the center blocks - I think I must be the only one that isn't totally enthralled by them...I'm just not a hearts and daisy type of person I guess.

    I'm thinking to go off on my own and do something totally different in the center. :) I fondly remember a gal at a quilt group saying that she uses patterns as a 'jumping off' point.

    I've been doodling with graph paper since Issue 5 arrived trying to come up with something that is more suitable to me and my wild fabrics. We'll see what happens....I've plenty to do before I get to that stage.

  4. You girls are KILLING me! : ) My issue isn't here yet! Sharon was so helpful as to provide me with the Hanky Linen amounts I need. I don't seem to have enough left over (not sure how THAT happened) so I placed another order for that and the Parlan.

  5. I'm still waiting for my copy too... fingers crosseed for Monday !!..

  6. Sybil isn't the only one who goes off on it's own. I also want to change the centrepiece. I love the lay-out design and will certainly use that to create my own centre piece. First I have to stitch some more flowers.


  7. Thanks for all those thoughts and I think it will be great if some turn out different. I must admit hand appliqué is not my strong point I quite like to do it on my machine with a tiny blanket stitch........

  8. After doing this block Pam, you'll be an expert. I'm thinking of doing it as one too. I wonder what's going in the middle?

  9. Hi!
    This is a fascinating blog! How beautiful! I just dropped by to say "Thank You" for suggesting a title for my piece ... the one with the cradle filled with wrapped & stitched wooden spools. Many of the potential titles truly resonate with me. I've compiled a long, long list and will probably create even newer work ... inspired by the suggested words! Thanks for helping!