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Sunday, December 25, 2011

blocks 5 & 9

On to block number 4 now! I can't believe the amount of thread I am going through. I've run out of 2 colors AGAIN.


  1. This looked so beautiful and I love the bright colours of your fabric too.
    I am still working on block 4


  2. It's looking absolutely gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it all together. Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas!

  3. Love your colours so much. Well done on your stitching.

  4. Thanks, gals! I'm amazed at how much the fabrics are growing on me.....I'm actually going to use the same fabrics (the left overs) for my 2012 leader/ender wonky bowtie project. Go figure. ;o)

  5. I have been worried about running out of colors of thread too. Anyone have any idea how many skeins we really need as I would like to get back to the store where I bought them and get some from the same dye lot if I can. Perri or Leanne? Any suggestions on this one?

  6. I know it's too late now - but it would have been nice for Leanne to let us know approximately how much thread we would need ahead of time (just my un-asked for opinion!). Maybe if she has future projects like this in the magazine, she can provide that information?

    I'm using the Cosmo threads and my nearest source is 60 minutes away so it's rather inconvenient when I run out.

    I think I'm on my 3rd skein of red, pink, orange and light green and I've just started block 4. And, I'm using 2 threads as recommended.

  7. You are crusing along, well done.

    Yes this project is using a lot of thread and some idea of thread required would have been handy. I like to be organised and would have just grabbed it all up front.