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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My stash is waiting…..

Hi all!I just wanted to say hello to all of you,and let you know that I am ready. Hopefully I will start this Fall…

I have done Leanne´s beautiful Stitcher´s Keeper already.And - I must say : all the good things you´ve heard about Cosmo´s embroidery thread is true and more…heaven to stitch with ,like silk but not so slippery:))

And wouldn´t you know - I found the perfect box to stash my fabrics in?!It is like it was made for them….

And here: all of my lovely Cosmo thread for the stitching.

More later,when I have started stitching:))


  1. Love the stitcher's keeper. Was this in the latest issue?

  2. Hi, I love all of your blogging sites they are all fantastic and you are so talented at all of the things you do and create. I have just become a follower. I tried to contact you via email but the link wouldn't come up. I was going to reply to your comment that you left for me @ (farmgatecreations).Cheers Tracee