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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just Starting

Hi Everyone, I'm Vanessa R from Melbourne Australia. I have been watching your progress from the start of the blog and have finally got up the courage to start! I am very impressed by everyone's progress and I think I will have to stitch REALLY fast to catch up!
After suffering with the flu last week, I took myself off to Spotlight only to see there was a sale on, and came home with a PILE of fabric. Think I still need a few more colours.

Found this lovely fabric which I am going to use for the borders and binding.
I am due to receive Issue 4 in a few days, so I'm thinking I need to try and stay up-to-date and play catchup at the same time.
I have blogged about it on my blog  Whirling Butterfly, so now it is out there!
Thanks for letting me join in the fun.


  1. Hi Vanessa... don't worry about catching up. Everyone is stitching at there own speed. I'm a slow coach but I'm enjoying myself.
    Love your colours... looking forward to seeing your progress

  2. Welcome my dear friend !!!

  3. Welcome Vanessa! Ditto do what Josie said on the catching up part, I keep saying I need to catch up or I'm behind and my bf says "why what's going to happen if you don't finish on time?" Erm... nothing dear :D Take your time and keep sharing with us!

  4. Well, I am just starting cutting out the fabrics, and I traced on my embroidery. However, I can't find directions for the corner block of the flower border. Where did you all find out the directions for cutting this block out? Am I missing something? I noticed that the directions have you piece the block and then do the stitchery, however, in the USA we do it backwards from that. we stitch and then piece the blocks together. Please help?! I am very frustrated and I am only starting block one. How will I ever make it to the end?