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Monday, July 4, 2011

Vignette Mystery Quilt Found Me!

I was so excited to find this beautiful quilt and magazine! We are a little slow getting things to the USA but when I came across the magazine the fabric's and embroidery just jumped out of the computer at me. I love the wonderful colors of the fabric's. I haven't done a quilt with such bright fabrics before, so when I saw it in May I couldn't wait to find the magazine's and fabric. After searching I found both and ordered right away!
I was just finishing a quilt when they arrived so I was able to get started with my blocks for block one!
I haven't embroidered in years but it was one of the first things my mother and grandmother showed me how to do! I'm really hoping to get done with the first three magazines before four comes in September. Wish me lots of luck!

And thank you Perri for letting me join!



  1. Julie you will be passing me soon,lol,have fun

  2. You have made a great start already, your colours look beautiful!!

  3. Hello!
    This pattern for these flowers, is that something you have made yourself or is it something you have bought........ They were so beautyful, something I could really want to try myself....

  4. Well done! you put me to shame...........but the fabric and stitching really does jump out at you doesn't it! I love it - can't wait to finally get mine in order to blog/post about it! Happy Stitching, Susie

  5. Welcome Julie!

    Great start and I love the polka dot fabric you are using for the bird.

    @fru heidis puslerier: this is a project by Leanne Beasley of Leanne's House, published in her magazine Vignette.