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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Progress slow .... but progress nonetheless!!

It's been a long time between posts on this blog but I am making progress, albeit slow progress, on my Vignette in Stitches quilt.  I love the versatility of the project and enjoy picking up and stitching a little bit each day!

I am using a range of Nancy Halvorsen fabrics that were begging to be used for something special and I decided this project was it!    Have traced the next blocks to stitch just as soon as I have finished off this one!   Am loving seeing all the different posts with the different fabrics and colours!


  1. well done Fiona it looks great

  2. I love your fabrics !! I used them in another project !! It's great here !

  3. Your quilt is looking gorgeous, beautiful colours and stitching!

  4. Your colours are gorgeous! I am very behind on my blocks LOL oh well :)

  5. A perfect range of fabrics for this project. It really works.

    And great progress too.

  6. your colours and work look beautiful Fiona!