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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Long Time... No post...

Hi Everyone,
just wanted you all to know, that I have been lurking even though I have not really been able to comment much lately, I do keep up to date to see what all of you are doing.

I am in awe of the speedy ones and jealous of the 60 shoo fly block progress I just saw :) I've been leaving my shoo flys but will need to touch them soon.

This photo is from last week:

I have now commenced the long top stitchery, and still have the chain stitch flowers, the satin stitch flowers and the hill to go! [And then of course I have to sew my shoo fly blocks!]

Hope you are all doing well and happy with whatever stitching is going on :D



  1. Looks beautiful! The shoo fly blocks go quickly...and I need to get to work on my stitching now! :)

  2. Congratulations for your progress !!! I'm not so far ....

  3. It's looking beautiful Q, you have made good progress!!