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Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm late to the party but so happy to be here!

I just wanted to say hello to everyone and to publicly thank Perri for inviting me to be a part of this group. I walked into a fabulous quilt store, Happiness is...Quilting in McKinney, Texas, a few weeks ago and saw pieces of Vignette hanging on the wall as they were offering it as a kit. It's one of those few moments in my quilting life that I saw something I HAD to have, regardless of the cost! There is just something about it that makes me happy. I purchased the kit and the magazines and off I went with a smile on my face! The kit was lacking a few Sweet Broderie and Basics fabrics (the store had to substitute) so I diligently began became obsessed with finding the rest of them. In my Googling for the fabrics I came across this blog. I'm still waiting for a few pieces of fabric to arrive but last night I had some time so I went to work. I will tell you, it was hard to cut that first piece! I just LOVE these fabrics together. I didn't get much finished but hey, 4 blocks is a start.

I love seeing everyone's progress and love seeing the quilt made with other fabrics - beautiful! I have not embroidered for 25 years - so I definitely have to PRACTICE before I start that part. I have some newbie questions for those who are experienced Vignetters.

1. Is Pellon fusible batting the same as Parlan? I have used Pellon 987F in some quilted cosmetic bags. Is it the same thing?
2. What kind of pen do you use to trace the embroidery pattern onto the Hanky Linen? I see several different ones in my Googling. I have read a lot about the new Frixion pens. I don't think they would be the best method in my climate. What else do you use that works well?

How can this NOT make you happy?

Finally, a few finished Shoo Fly blocks. Only 58 more to go!


  1. Oh my goodness I love those fabrics! Good for you! LOL

  2. I have studied the Frixion Pens and Sharon Shambers of Long arm quilting fame swears by them. Here is what I personally have learned: the disappear when ironed but reappear when subjected to temps. under 20 degrees F. Washing the quilt removes residue so that this does not occur....but can still leave a slight wax like marking. But since it is to be covered with embroidery anyway....and if you mark lightly and very carefully....I think you will be okay. But TEST it first. I use them all the time for embroidery but not in my longarm quilting for customers since the thread doesn't cover up the markings as well and I would hate to ruin someone else's quilt if they came back.

  3. I made all my shoo fly blocks first and ended up with exact opposites, meaning that the two fabrics traded places in each block. It worked out well for fabric usage. I can see why Leanne picked those fabrics. Fun and gorgeous!

  4. OH YES!!! Those fabrics are just heaven.

  5. Welcome to the party!

    I use the sewline pencil with green lead. It what several local teachers recommend. The only problem I find is that it disappears or gets very very faint before I get to the end of the piece. I find that if I just mark the piece before I start sewing it - then it lasts long enough or I can re-mark a few spots if needed.

    I also don't mark all the individual petals......figure I can 'wing' it. It's not as perfect but it's more organic.