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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Cutting this Week for Me

I'm trying to do a little each week, so this week I got cutting again. There are loads of little squares for shoo fly blocks, waiting patiently to be stitched together.

 This is where I am at with cutting the 92 2inch squares from 23 different fabrics for the centre border. I have 17 fabric sets left to cut.
 And my cutting and fabric piles at the end of this weekend's cutting. I now have the 17 sets of 2inch blocks mentioned above to cut and the shoo-fly block pieces for Block 13. Then all my cutting is completed.
Maybe next week something will touch the sewing machine :D

Thank you for all the kind comments last week, they really helped to keep me motivated!


  1. I can only add my admiration !!! Keep your motivation !!

  2. You are going great. Once the cutting is done you will find that it all comes together really quickly (well the stitching will take a bit) but as far as the blocks go :) keep up the great work. hugs

  3. Thanks so much! Hoping to stay at it for a bit this time! @Sharon - I love the stitching actually, even if it does take a while -- but will try to do all the piecing first then play with stitching and applique as I go.

  4. That's a lot of cut material there girl!! You certainly have been busy, I bet you cant wait to get to that sewing machine.
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. Once you get the shoe fly blocks done - the rest (other than the stitching) is a piece of cake. I found it a nice break from other projects too.