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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bringing up the Rear...

I'm not sure how many of you are still out there who as far behind the frontrunners as I am :)
I have been very inspired again recently by attending the Adelaide Craft and Quilt Show; receiving my copies of issue 7 and issue 8 from Perri and reading the latest posts from Sharon, Sylvia and Sybil.

I had to revisit things to see just where I was up to so...
Blocks 1, 2, 3 are done, I have to add the shoofly blocks to blocks 4,5 and 9 but the stitchery is done - Oh and I haven't touched the little heart applique's yet.

But I did a lot of cutting and got my zip lock bags for each block to go from this

To this...

I think that I will do all the cutting first now that I have all the issues then get back to piecing and stitching and eventually try the applique!
Anyone else out there?


  1. You are making great progress. So pleased that I can help provide some inspiration. This quilt is a huge commitment but so worth it. Remember to keep sharing your progress with us all, hugs

  2. I'm so glad to hear from someone else who is behind. I'm just finishing Block 4, and have pieced Blocks 5 and 9; and I am not even doing the embroidered border.

  3. Good job, Q!

    It's not a race - and you will be so happy with it when you are finished.

    I was looking back through my blog today and this was a one-year process for me - just plugging along (and watching a LOT of Rugby.....I'm a rugby tragic - even when my team is rubbish!).

    Next thing to tackle for me is the quilting. I'm waiting for my backing fabric to arrive....

    Keep up the great work.

  4. I'm right at the back with you! So glad it is not a race and darn the other temptations and must dos that keep me from this project. Whenever it gets done, it will be a treasure! And Terri - let me know what your plans for the border are because I have not started that marathon embroidered border and would love suggestions for another option.

  5. I'm right behind you. :) Now that I have all of the instructions, I'm planning to restart from the middle out.

  6. I'm also walking along at the back of the pack, taking in the scenery, and having a lovely time! Several projects have elbowed their way in front of this one, but I think I really need to push this to the front for a while.

  7. Mine has fallen by the wayside too.
    Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to pick it up again, and good luck with yours. Please share your progress.

  8. Bringing up the rear? What about not even started? I discovered Leanne's House very late in the piece and decided I wanted to have a go at the quilt as well. Getting the fabric has proved a wee bit of an issue, but I'm getting there (thank you to Leanne).
    I will be starting mine sometime in the new year, once I get all the other projects I am on out of the way. If I can get it done in under 12 months, I'll be rapt.
    Congratulations on starting and enjoy the project. I'm sure it will look absolutely beautiful.

  9. ENJOY THE PROCESS!!! I would love to make the entire quilt, however I have so many projects going at one time, I know it's not going to happen. But I so fell in love with this I had to figure out what. To do. I am making the 4 corner blocks. I have finished block One and am now working on block four. I am going to make the 4 corner blocks and put together. I am embroidering my first grand daughters name, birth statistics etc which will appear in the center. I love the color combinations, the patterns and everything about this quilt. I was able to acquire quite a bit of the fabric in a fat quarter package. I will keep my Vignette magazines nearby because of all the great embroidery patterns. Would like to put the birdhouse on something too. I made a little vest yesterday from leftover scraps after making the blocks from blocks 1&4. Just giving you some ideas if you decide that you do not have time for the entire quilt. Happy stitching