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Friday, August 3, 2012

The REAL quilt and a little progress

It was so inspiring to see Leanne's Vignette quilt at Urban stitching a few weeks ago. It really looked amazing.
I had been fiddling with fabrics for the centre of my quilt and finally put blocks 6 and 7 together and appliqued the edges. Might try and start on the applique today! I have been stitching the little bird blocks for the lower corner blocks too so am progressing......very slowly!


  1. Leanne's quilt is amazing! It's good to see as it inspires me to keep stitching. I've completed the top two applique blocks (6&7) and I am now working on the bottom two. There are lots of little spots to stitch. Keep up the good work Sylvia. Cheers ShelleyH