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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hi from Italy

Hi everybody! I'm Letizia from Italy and I'm very glad to be part of your blog. I already know one or two of listed friends because we are involved in some stitching projects. I'm a former quilter but during this past year I was captured by this wonderful combination between stitches and patchwork. I love it, trust me! At the moment I'm working on different patchwork works (a baltimore), a Leanny House and some more...ufo.
I would like to post one or two of my finished works hoping to respect this blog roles. In addition....sorry for my english and thanks for your invitations.
Ciao Ciao

Applique' reverse for throw pillows

Hello Kitty quillow

A silk throw pillow for my daughter in law

...and a carpet to celebrate 150 years of United Italy with the cooperation of many Italian quilters: mandatory colors: red-white-green


  1. Beautiful. The long banner is very inspiring but I love the silk pillow idea! Some of us are so far behind it is almost like we haven't even started - Ha ha!

  2. Your makes are lovely. The banner is astonishing. Brilliant.

  3. Très jolie
    Je parle français ,je suis du Qébec Canada
    Mon blog est
    Bonne fin de journée