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Friday, January 20, 2012

Still stitching....

I thought I should post a little update! I have been continuing to stitch this third long border of the Vignette quilt (blocks 8 and 12). I can see the end in sight now! I daren't try and time how long these take! Last evening, I stitched all evening and really only completed about 3 of the larger flowers!!!! I haven't even started the centre blocks.


  1. Great Work. I am starting blocks 8 and 12 for my FNSI project

  2. You must be feeling such a sense of accomplishment. I have not started on my long borders yet but got the center squares sewn together the other night. I am much more comfortable with applique than embroidery.

  3. Go Sylvia Go! I started on the border design on block 1 last night. I actually got more complete last night than I expected.

  4. Good job, Sylvia. I took a break from embroidery and have been working on my re-vamped center blocks but I must say.....I'm itching to get back to the embroidery. It must be a sickness! :) I might prep my 8/12 blocks for next week.

  5. ooooo....aaaaah....pridddeee, stitches. =)