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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Block Progress - On a Roll

I had a bit of free time whilst the kids were out so out came all those zip lock bags.
When I have a little more time tomorrow I will post more info on my blog

What I am pondering now though  is what, if anything will we be doing with all this?

Leftover fabric?

It just seems like a LOT of left over fabric from the required Bundle that the pattern called for, for the top.

Whilst I am here and before I head off to bed, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the lovely ladies who have emailed me with regards to this quilt and my progress. I hope that this post and the collage above will continue to inspire you and those who might be struggling to keep motivated with this project.

It will be a beautiful quilt when finished so all that stitching will be worth it :o)

Happy stitching,
hugs, Sharon


  1. Love the lovely quilt in the previous post. So vibrant and cheerful! You are so talented that I am sure you will find something wonderful to do with the leftover fabric. blessings,Kathleen

  2. wow, GO girl! It looks amazing. I'm pretty sure you will be the first one to the finish line. :o)

  3. Yes I am certain this quilt could easily have been done with layercakes for a lot cheaper or scraps. I already had the fabric I chose, so my only investment (besides the magazines) was to purchase some embroidery floss. You could piece a bunch of your leftovers together for a backing as long as your batting will keep the colors from shining through the light strips of embroidery. I also think a pillow or two would be cute to go along with this quilt.

  4. Hi Sharon and Ramona and all of you other ladies who are along on this journey with me!! As a Designer there are so many things to consider when writing patterns, one of course being "how much fabric"???

    With this quilt there was so much for me to take into account, this was my thought pattern:

    1. Make it easy to purchase (a fat quarter pack is always an easy way to purchase and as the fabrics are so delicious no-one will mind having the scraps in their scrap basket, add in just a few more simple to obtain fabrics:red spot and hanky linen)

    2.I work in USA fat quarters as a large part of my customers are in the USA and if I used Aussie fat quarter dimensions they wouldn't have enough fabric for some parts (the Aussie girls will get more than they need)

    3.The quilt will run for two years worth of issues (remember that I have to be way ahead of where you guys are stitching) so the fabric range has to be a popular one and one that will stay around for ladies wishing to join in later (still available now)

    4.Lots of ladies make cutting errors and I have to allow for that - there's nothing worse than picking up a quilt 5 years later when you make a cutting error and that fabric is impossible to purchase.

    5.I wanted each of you to have plenty of choice (I thought some of you might not like the really bright lime green for example and would want to swap it for other fabrics in the bundle)

    6.I can do other projects for ladies who would like co-ordinating items or wish to use up the scraps (issue 1, page 24-27 'Remember - A Noticeboard). There's also other projects coming too Sharon

    7. Quilt back. I am huge advocate of not wasting my scraps and often use up all my scraps on the back of a quilt (others will do this too). Sharon, when I write a pattern I usually give a meter/yard requirement (again for easy purchase for those wanting to do that)but my own original version usually is just all my scraps sewn together. For example, the Comfort Quilt (issue 3) used all my leftovers to make a back and I even had to go and purchse a few more fat quarters because I didn't end up with enough. Secret from me: When you don't see the back of my quilts photographed this is usually what I've done! lol

    8. There are always other ways to put a quilt together. (is my choice the easiest and most enjoyable way to purchase while considering all the above?)Sometimes it may look cheaper to do it a different way, such as layer cakes, but when you actually work it out you can end up purchasing lots of packs where you don't need lots, just for a few fabrics in the quilt.

    Girls, I hope this lets you into my designing brain a little bit. I hope that you're not disappointed with the choices I made. Of course there's many ways in any craft project to achieve the same outcome and I always encourage you to go outside of the pattern, so to speak. I just can't write in every possible option or it would just be confusing and also a bit boring.

    Please be assured that all of my designs ALWAYS take into consideration the purchase of the fabric and the cutting of it. I always attempt to keep your fabric purchases reasonable; many of my designs have the words 'exact cut' which then allows you to make the choice about how much extra you will allow for cutting etc.

    Please email me at any time if you have any enquiry about the quilt!

    Leanne Beasley xxx