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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ready or not.....

it appears not!

I thought I had all my fabrics ready till I got them together yesterday to make a start.

Then I realised I didn't have the lovely red spot for the borders or the pale pick dot for the bird stitchery.   I was spitting feathers!!   Took me all day yesterday to track down the fabrics over here.  Here's hoping they arrive soon... I'm itching to get started.

Now.... I need some assistance please.    I can't get my hands on Parlan over here and was wondering if there is something similar I could use.   I normally use Weaveline behind stitcheries would this be OK ?  I've got lightweight fusible fleece too.   I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this.  I don't want to spoil the ship for a  hap'eth of tar... if you get my gist! :))

Happy stitching....


  1. WOW, Josie!! If you have weaveline it will work. I'm not using Parlan - I'm using weaveline or very thin vilene - can get the name if you are interested.
    Happy stitching, P

  2. I'm having visions of spitting feathers and now need a drink :) I am very much an "I want to do it, so I want to do it NOW" person and felt your pain but look at how pretty everything else looks! and see Perri says you don't need Parlan yay!

  3. I feel your pain too. I am waiting for my threads and my cream background. I am also impatient to start. Why not do the blocks while you wait.

  4. Hi Josie i have only used thin vilene and it works fine,good luck with the rest of your quilt and looking forward to seeing you start.
    cheers Shez

  5. Hi Josie, sounds like another impatient girl waiting to get started! I've used Parlan before and it is nice to use, the thinnest of iron-on Pellon works well too, it's a little lighter than the Parlan to stitch through. I've never had great success with Weaveline, as it always seems to pucker and bubble up my fabric on the front - I asked on my blog once for opinions on where I was going wrong and didn't really get a consensus there either! Good luck for speedy delivery of your fabrics. Nicky in NZ

  6. Hi Josie
    I used some iron on cotton interfacing (a bit like weaveline) only behind the stitcheries and plan to add waddding when the quilt is finished. Thin iron on pellon can be substituted for parlan if you want to use it.

  7. Hi Josie,
    Weaveline will be fine. I personally just love Parlan because it hides all the dark threads (like the reds and darker blues) behind the linen and lighter coloured fabrics. This is important to me because those things really show up in photos. You know what, whoever you ask will probably have their own personal favourite, there's no right or wrong. But I do love Parlan...LOL...

  8. Hi all....

    I've gone from spitting feathers to spitting tin tacks! My pink dot fabric still hasn't arrived and the postman won't be back till Monday. How will I cope!!

    I know... I followed all the great comments above. Decided I'd use weaveline to avoid more delay. Started cutting and piecing the blocks and I'm loving it and having fun.

    Thanks so much all of you for your comments I really appreciate them.


  9. Hi Josie
    I see you live in Scotland - I live in England and that is why neither of us can get Parlan.
    I use Vilene (only behnd the stitchery) all the time. I would love to give this parlan a try so please let me know if you find a supplier in the UK.
    Good luck Pam.

  10. Oh no! That must have been such a disappointment! Hope they get there soon! :D

  11. In our shop we use a very thin cotton batting or cotton flannel behind our stitcheries. We just baste it in place and stitch away. During the quilting process we use a full sheet of batting for the whole quilt and it looks beautiful.