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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting started

Thank you for inviting me to participate in the blog. I realise I'm about three months behind everyone else, but I hope that inspires others to start whenever they can. I received the magazine at the beginning of January and have read and re-read it from cover to cover half a dozen times whilst deciding what fabrics to use. Initially I chose the sunkissed line pictured below which I received yesterday, but decided against them as they don't have as great a variety of colours as the stitchery.

I could have changed the colours in the stitchery but as I've never attempted a stitchery before, I thought that might be beyond my capabilities, so early last week I ordered It's a Hoot by Momo. The parcel of fabric has just arrived, so I've unwrapped them for you to enjoy along with me.

I have a free day on Thursday so I think I will be making my churn dash blocks, whilst I wait for my threads to arrive from Sandy at Cookies & Cream and my red and white dots and background fabric from a local supplier. I have my magazine, embroidery hoop and 2H pencils all in a container ready to start!!

I will be back later in the week with my churn dash blocks completed.

From the little island of Jersey off the north west coast of France


  1. Dear Sue,
    your fabrics are wonderful!

    @ Perri
    Yesterday I received my issue of "Vignette". Many thanks to you and Leanne. It´s a great magazine and now I am infected. I am very ill for many weeks, but when I am healthy again I try to start this great project.

    Viele Grüße
    Kerstin from Germany

  2. Gorgeous fabrics Sue - great to have you join us for this "adventure"! Good luck - you will have fun with this one I'm sure!

  3. Gorgeous fabrics, Sue! I just bought myself a Charm Pack of that Momo range the other day. Haven't had a good look at it yet. Jersey!! I had a penpal from Jersey when I was in school. We had an exchange teacher from there... and he put us in touch with his class from the year before!! Lost touch now though. :(

  4. Beautiful fabrics.. Have fun with those :)

  5. Great Fabrics, I have 4 It's a hoot Charm Packs I have yet to touch. I was looking around for the Lecien Fabrics but have not been able to find them available or in my price range so I may consider different fabrics too! - Oh and I bought my mag last week so am also way behind!

  6. I love your choice of fabrics Sue and i have only just started as well.
    cheers Shez

  7. I just wish I had such a lovely stash of fabrics like yours....sigh.

  8. Sue, these fabrics are perfect! I have also used the scraps of these in The Hexagon Quilt in Issue 2 and 3.Hope you enjoy your stitching.