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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I couldn't wait!!

I just couldn't wait! I ordered my red with white dots yesterday from a different place because they had it in stock. It won't get here until next week, unless a miracle happens. So I'll be into it next week! I can't wait. Seeing everyone else's progress so makes me want to get going on it!

Hard part - done!

I've really surprised myself by getting this all cut and pieced in a couple of days! I did get the kids involved and they counted how many squares or triangles I had cut out in each colour. Really made more of a mess than anything - but it kept them occupied so I could sew!! I may have learnt a lesson about ironing the fabrics FIRST before I cut them. The pink and white spot for the stitchery section isn't so straight but I didn't notice it until I actually ironed it when it was sewn. OOPS! It's okay, I'm sure I can even it up later if need be. I was going to trace it straight away - but I think I'll leave it until I have my threads so it's not sitting there - the soluble pen I use tends to fade a little when it just sits there.

I can actually see progress!!

How are you going with yours? I know there's a few people waiting for fabric or threads as well.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vignette Mystery

Stitching started

I must admit that the stitching is definitely what I love about these BOMs! I really have to force myself to do the piecing. I had already started the Vignette quilt before this blog was begun so have managed to stitch these two blocks. I am using different fabrics and threads as I am not into the really bright fabrics. I also cheated and didn't follow the instructions and cut my background fabrics larger so I could stitch before I piece the block together.

There is a lot of stitching in the other border block!
Cheers and keep up the great stitching,

Itching to get stitching....

As I see bits and pieces of Perri's and Sandy's quilt - I'm itching to get stitching! I do have to admit I love the stitching part lots more than the piecing part. The only problem is... Cosmo threads are seriously hard to get! I don't think that they realised they'd be so popular here maybe? I'm going to have to start piecing my quilt as I am waiting very patiently for my Cosmo threads to arrive. I guess it's a good way for me to get organised and do the bit I don't love first! I do have a bit of a problem though - the FQ's all look so nice together I really don't want to cut into them! I even bought some nice new Foxglove Cottage Needles. Mostly because they come in a cute little tube! (Sad, I know!)

Hope everyone elses Vignette journey is off to a good start!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Remember ...

... it is with great excitement that I can share, I have finished stitching ...

... a close up of the large block in 'Remember' ...

Yesterday I stitched the blocks together ... I cut into my yummy  'Sweet Broderie' bundle ...

... love how it has come together, very yummy, I just love pink and lime green ... 
 need to decide if I put it in a frame or just use a canvas ...

Now that I have finished stitching 'Remember', I can now get back to block 1 - which I couldn't wait to start as you can see from the photo  ... so far only stitched the bird ...

Happy stitching, P

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Giveaway ...

... to help celebrate the launch of 'Vignette in Stitches Blog' we will have a "Vignette " giveaway!  Leanne has so kindly given 10 copies of Issue 1 for this giveaway.  

Photo source - Leanne

But I need your help with spreading the word of this giveaway.  

So to go into the draw you need to do an entry on your blog with a link back to this entry and then leave a comment on this post.  For those readers who don't have a blog you may just leave a comment on this post.  Please leave comments in English.

I will draw the 10 winners  in 10 days time (Jan 6) at 10am (Wednesday Jan 6,Qld time, Australia).   

This giveaway is open worldwide.  

Good luck !

Happy stitching, P

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vignette In Stitches Mystery Quilt

I'm so excited to be part of this blog. I love the Vignette Magazine and have already started work on Block One of the mystery quilt. I'm really going to enjoy myself with it. When I was making the Shoo-Fly blocks I felt so content inside. Do you know what I mean? Does that sound weird? There's such satisfaction at seeing it come together. I love that feeling! *grin*

Below are just a few blocks from the Sweet Broderie range. I'm waiting for some of the basic fabrics to arrive before I can finish Block One.  I did two practice blocks, too, before I cut into my precious Sweet Broderie!!

I won't have any updates on my Block One until sometime in January. Have fun with your Vignette!


Introducing ...

'Vignette in Stitches Blog '

... Yes, is the official blog for ...

... a place where we can share our stitching progress for beautiful projects from Leanne's lovely publication 'Vignette'.

I would like to thank Leanne very much for giving me, her encouragement on starting this blog.

If you would like to share your 'Vignette' stitching story please, send me an email requesting to become a contributor.

'til next time, happy stitching, P