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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hi from Italy

Hi everybody! I'm Letizia from Italy and I'm very glad to be part of your blog. I already know one or two of listed friends because we are involved in some stitching projects. I'm a former quilter but during this past year I was captured by this wonderful combination between stitches and patchwork. I love it, trust me! At the moment I'm working on different patchwork works (a baltimore), a Leanny House and some more...ufo.
I would like to post one or two of my finished works hoping to respect this blog roles. In addition....sorry for my english and thanks for your invitations.
Ciao Ciao

Applique' reverse for throw pillows

Hello Kitty quillow

A silk throw pillow for my daughter in law

...and a carpet to celebrate 150 years of United Italy with the cooperation of many Italian quilters: mandatory colors: red-white-green

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have also been plodding along with blocks 8 and 12 of my Vignette quilt. I have finished a few more flowers since this photo was taken.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Had to Show You First...

Hi Girls! It seems that you are all having a great time with your 'Vignette In Stitches' Quilts. I am thrilled to be seeing so many different versions that you are creating - so exciting. Some of the colour combinations are really inspiring me! I thought that I would give you a peek at the 1st March Issue 6 cover:

There are lots of projects in this issue and one of my favourites is 'A French Linen Quilt'. This is a quilt you can whip up in a day (really). Goodness knows you'll all be after me if I don't give you a break with something simple!!

Of course, I am really loving stitching and photographing the 'Vignette in Stitches Quilt' and when you receive your issue I hope you love all the photos that I had such a great time taking. I had already finished the photo shoot of all the 'pretty photos' (I usually shoot the step by steps as I am creating my own version of the quilt or as I am recutting and double checking) but then I decided to do a re-shoot!

Rosalie Quinlan and I had already been on a photo shoot for two days but when I woke up at 6am and the morning light was streaming through the french doors of my brothers place, Ena Casa, (see issue 3 for more of Ena Casa)I couldn't resist:

So it's all at the printer's at the moment as all the people over there work their magic.

I hope you are loving stitching your version, same as mine, or completely different, of the 'Vignette In Stitches Quilt'.

Leanne Beasley xxx

Fresh news !

In a way I'm very happy ! I've finished the block 1 !!

On the other hand I'm so behind time with this quilt...I feel ashamed when I see all the beautiful progresses of many...
I NEED your support !

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A little progress

 I have finally finished the long stitched piece that goes on the other side of my Vignette quilt and was able to put part of the side together.
 Now the stitching on the piecing needs to be done before I can start the centre parts of the quilt.

Friday, February 10, 2012

My center blocks - brace yourselves!

I've been procrastinating on posting this because it is so different from the original design!

I didn't think the hearts and daisy motif was fitting for my bold kaffe fassett/amy butler fabric collection so I went off on a tangent.

I used a flower pattern from a booklet called Bits and Pieces by Whimsicals (from 2005). I used vliesofix and a slate thread to buttonhole stitch.

Totally different but I really like it! Once the weather clears and the ground dries out I'll put all the blocks out on the grass and take a picture (I don't have a big enough space indoors to do it).

I'm seriously starting to like it - in spite of my initial thoughts that my fabrics looked like 'fabric vomit'! Now, I'm off to start another border section (ugh).

Here's a recap of some of my other blocks:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some progress ...

I just realised I haven't blogged here about finishing blocks 6 and 7.  I enjoyed these blocks, it was a nice change to do appliqué and a bit less stitching!
Here is how the quilt is looking all together.
Happy stitching everyone, Wendy