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Sunday, April 1, 2012

I thought it was about time I posted an update of my progress, which has been VERY slow of late. In fact non-existent. I am still working on Border Two but I hadn't done any of the stitchery for a while and was very disappointed when I picked up my work and found that all my stitchery tracings had faded to such an extent that I could no longer see them. I had used a Clover tracing pen. It has been fairly tricky to re-trace as I can no longer put the stitchery design underneath and see through because I have my cotton wadding beneath and the stitchery was already started. So, I have had to draw by eye using the remains of what was left from the original tracing as a guide. I am now using a fine pencil for my tracing, so that I do not have the same problem again.

However, once I had re-traced I was immediately inspired again and took the project on holiday with me. You can see that I have been sewing whilst on my sunbed and I also sewed on the aeroplane. I must say, stitchery makes a great travel project!

So, hopefully, now that I have revitalised my enthusiasm I will soon have the Border Two completed and move on to the next one. Yay!


  1. Oh ! no !!! you had to trace again !! It's the part I don't like at all !!!
    You have a good motivation to keep stitching now !!

  2. My lines evaporated also - using the Sewline pen so I know your frustration. What a great holiday project and how could it get any better than stitching at the beach in a lounge chair? :)

  3. I have so much awe for people who can make art with fabric and thread!

  4. Oh I would hate to have to's bad enough the first time!

  5. I soooo need to get going again. Those long panels depress me! : ) Just kidding, but it seems like progress is so slow on them.

  6. looks lovely, i have always used a grey lead or permanent pigma pen in fear of this happening. i have just started working on my vignette and am having trouble figuring out how to post photos and doing a write up on here, can anyone please help me? :/