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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A late start!

Hi! Thanks Perri for letting me be part of this! Last week I decided to bite the bullet and do the Vignette In Stitches quilt. Fabric ordered. Excitement barely contained. Fabric arrived. So now I'm busily cutting and sewing to get the first block together so I can stitch, stitch, stitch! I've chosen a very different look for my quilt- I'm not a light or modern person so I'm going with "Perennials" from Kansas Trouble Quilters with a stitchery background from their basics line.
Here is the view of my stitchery fabric and threads...
And the whole lot...
Delicious! Thank you to all of you bloggers here- you convinced me to take this journey and I'm not going to be disappointed!!! I'll be back with some progress soon!


  1. Sasha lovely fabrics,look forward to seeing it progress

  2. Hi Saha, your colours are delish.....And remember it is never too late to start a new project....*Grin*

  3. I love your fabrics! I have similar fabrics from the Thimbleberries line that I was contemplating using, so I will be watching yours!

  4. they r beautiful, love all you yummyness up there. you have inspired me to try to start but i dont know where to order the vignette . any suggestions?