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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm new!

this year I wan to start with the mysteryquilt from vignette , But I've promised my husband not to buy many fabric this year I'm wondering when you start with step1 from the mystery have I to buy all the fabric for the quilt at once? sorry for my bad schoolenglish but I'm living in belgium



  1. This is only my opinion but I think it would be difficult to start with less than at least 15-18 fabrics. You need that many to get the scrappy look in the shoofly blocks - not to mention the other blocks need variety.

    Is it possible that you can choose a color scheme from your current stash - and then add to it over the next few months? Maybe a 'country' theme, or 'brights', 'pastels'.....? You probably don't need full fat quarters so if you had left overs from previous projects that you still liked maybe you could start with that?

    I'm of the thought that the more fabrics in a scrappy quilt the better - I've been known to put 100-150 fabrics in a quilt - so as long as you have a theme and a bit of a stash, I think you'd be good to start (and keep that hubby happy!).

  2. Great advice Sybil and I am using up some fabrics I already had in my stash and trying not to acquire additional fabrics. You will need a few light fabrics and you should have the general idea of what you need now that more than half the quilt has been revealed. You can always opt to not include the appliqued hearts if your fabric is too busy. If you have lots of one fabric you love, you could do all of the center blocks picturebox surround in that fabric, or just keep your color choices simple and let the many embroidered flowers be the major pop of color. Whatever you choose, I am sure it will end up beautiful.

  3. Hi, Evelyne - I wasn't able to buy the recommended fabrics, so I just went through my stash and pulled scraps and fat quarters that were in the same colour families. I'm going to post on this blog today, so you can see what I did.