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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Finally....almost there

In between packing and minding lovely little men I have had a little time to stitch and am so pleased to have Vignette almost done! I put the little squares border on the centre block and then was able to put the first 3 rows together. The bottom row still needs the patchwork outer edge so that will have to wait till I get back from teaching on the cruise....starting tomorrow. Here it is. Can't wait till this one is finished. It is a lovely quilt but it has been a lot of work and I lost my motivation for a while. I haven't allowed myself to start any other BOMs (and I have a few in mind) till this and a few others are done!


  1. the word!!! it's looking lovely Sylvia and you will enjoy it once finished. Enjoy your cruise.. Annette

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  3. It's beautiful! I've been stitching away the past two weeks. Those long pieces are killers!

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  5. Wow. This is terrific. I am not a quilter, though I did give it a try years ago. One of the ladies in our guild is fantastic with this same detail. Lovely work you do! Keep it up! Aloha

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  7. Just curious about the other BOM quilts you've got in mind! Would you care to share?

    1. Hi Shawna. I have a lovely Houses BOM by Yoko Saito that I hope to start once this one and Annie Downs "In my Garden" BOM are least to the top stage.

  8. Good Morning, I love your sampler. I know it's been published in a magazine, but is there a chance it will be published as a complete pattern for purchase? I'm very interested and missed out on the opportunity to purchase the magazine. Thank you.

    1. Hi Edi. This quilt is a Leanne Beasley design and you would have to ask her about it becoming a full pattern. She may even have some of the magazines available. There were 8 magazines with this quilt in it.

  9. So pretty! And such a lot of work!

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